Information re Expansion Proposals

Histon and Impington Primary Education Provision Consultation

Histon and Impington Primary Educational Provision Consultation.pdf

Hatton Park Primary School

Copy of a letter which has been sent out to all CPET schools regarding the Hatton Park expansion:

Hatton Park Expansion.pdf

Please note that the consultation period applies to Hatton Park parents only. We wanted to keep all CPET Parents/Carers informed of developments across the Trust.

Histon and Impington Junior School

Histon Impington Programme 2.pdf

Parents Letter – Trust – 13 July 2015.pdf

CPET Responses to Question -30 June 2015.pdf

CPET Relocate Histon and Impington Infant School Year 2 classes – Response Letter – 22-June-2015.pdf

Information from Public Meeting – 2nd June 2015

CPET Letter Open Meeting 2nd June 2015.pdf

HIIS Open Meeting.pdf

Presentation 2nd June 2015

Trust Meeting Minutes – 21st May 2015

CPET Meeting Minutes 21st May 2015 – Approved.pdf

Proposals and Plans

Information re Expansion Proposals 15th May 2015.pdf

HIIS Education Provision for September 2015.pdf

Histon and Impington Junior Site Plan.pdf

Histon and Impington Junior Location Plan.pdf

Histon and Impington Junior Detail Plan 1.pdf

Histon and Impington Junior Detail Plan 2.pdf

Elevations 1.pdf

Elevations 2.pdf

Plan 1.pdf

Plan 2.pdf